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The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) is recognized as the premier organization for rural     
property professionals, providing excellent education, networking opportunities and legislative representation for its members    
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2016 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)
2017 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)
2018 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)
2019 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)
2020 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)
2021 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)
2022 Land Value & Cash Rent Survey (click here)

2017 Fall Newsletter. (click here)
2018 Spring Newsletter. (click here)
2018 Late Summer Newsletter. (click here)  Read more on the Proposed Governance Changes
2018 Fall Newsletter. (click here)
2019 Spring Newsletter. (click here)
2019 Year End Newsletter. (click here)
2020 Fall Newsletter. (click here)
2021 Summer Newsletter. (click here)
2021 Year End Newsletter. (click here)
2022 May Newsletter. (click here)
2022 Year End Newsletter. (click here)
2023 Summer Newsletter. (click here)

2021 Summer Tour
Andrew Zenk - American Families Plan & Tax Implications to Agriculture
Kraig VanHulzen - Swine Confinement
Ray Massey - Carbon Markets

2021 Winter Meeting

Meeting Doc's
2021 Chapter Business Meeting Slides

Speakers for Farm Managers

Kent Thiesse - Farm Program Decisions 2021
Kent Thiesse - Cash Flow Strategies in a Post Covid Era
Kent Thiesse - Overview of the Current U.S. Ag Industry
Amber Glaeser- MN Farm Bureau - MN Legislative Update (Contact only)
Andy Zenk - AgCountry - Ag/Tax Policy changes and impacts to Agriculture/Landowners
Becky Peterson/David Brown w/ IPE 1031 - Land and Agricultural Assets; Reverse 1031 exchanges
Frayne Olson, PhD w/ NDSU - Crop Economic Outlook/Marketing Update
2021 Enlist Product Use Guide & Videos by Corteva/Pioneer

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